Meet the Team

Who We Are

Leavitt Partners Insight is a SaaS health care data and analytics company founded and incubated at Leavitt Partners. The Torch Insight® platform is the culmination of years spent splicing siloed data sets together, during which our team invested thousands of hours cleaning and validating data in preparation for analysis, and integration with business intelligence platforms. We excel at blending population health data with quality, financial, and performance metrics from stakeholders across key industries. We use that blended data to develop analytical models that reveal trends and truths, enabling our clients to make more intelligent decisions. We also offer our raw data and curated insights to clients.

Why Torch Insight is Different

Torch Insight brings together decades of Leavitt Partners health care policy expertise and consulting experience. Our team has integrated and linked thousands of data variables from dozens of public and proprietary data sources, allowing clients to quickly answer complex questions that traditional data and other industry resources are unable to comprehensively and adequately put together on their own. Our proven healthcare expertise delivers intelligent and actionable insights.