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Torch Insight Launches a Unique Value-Based Centered Platform

Salt Lake City, March 5, 2020 –Today, Torch Insight, a Leavitt Partners Company, launched three new modules within its health market analytics platform Torch Insight, to help health care stakeholders identify high-value provider networks, analyze clinical performance, and understand the intricate value-based arrangements in U.S. health care markets. As the health care industry continues to […]

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How Profitable Are Hospitals?

Hospital care represents the largest proportion of spending in the American healthcare system at nearly one-third of all costs, or a little over $1 trillion. To put that in perspective, that represents 5.5% of the United States’ GDP, or more than the total GDP of all but 15 countries in the world. Hospitals are generally viewed as being altruistic, with the […]

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Where Does Torch Insight Data Come From?

Torch Insight is built on an integrated data warehouse that combines a multitude of different data sources and links the data together in a way that allows for exploration, analysis, benchmarking, and generally gaining insight into how different players in healthcare markets are connected. A key component of any data platform is understanding where the underlying Torch Insight […]

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Introduction to Organizational Analysis: Entity-Level Facts and Relationships

Organizational Analysis on the Go At a conference I met a hospital CEO and began chatting. I asked him about his hospital and he told me about some of its challenges and strengths. The conversation turned to physician recruitment and I asked him how many physicians were admitting patients to his hospital, and he didn’t […]

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Drilling Down into Alzheimer’s: A Market-Level Analysis

Introduction to Market-Level Analysis Torch Insight is designed to help evaluate and analyze healthcare markets and organizations. There are countless analyses that can be performed, focusing on demographics, financials, performance, quality measures and many, many other pieces of information. For this demonstration, I will focus on a chronic condition that is pervasive across America: Alzheimer’s disease. The goal […]

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Understanding Healthcare Markets: Introduction to the Torch Insight Blog

Torch Insight Blog Blogs solve a couple of really important challenges: (1) quick dissemination of information to a broad audience and (2) a lasting reference source.  Often, the quickest way to share information is to speak to someone or send an email, but that doesn’t go to a broad audience, while lasting references, like books, […]

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