Who We Help

We help all healthcare stakeholders better understand what is happening in a given market to support both their strategic and tactical business needs. We’ve found that data only makes sense in context, so we provide thousands of market variables that you can overlay on your analysis. Linked geographically to ACOs, providers, payers, and more, our market data allows you to understand the broader economic trends that affect the markets you’re interested in.

Consultants, strategists, and data analysts who need a single source of truth for health care market intelligence, save hundreds of hours gathering, cleaning, and segmenting data.

Marketing and Sales
Marketing and sales teams can analyze markets, access in-depth profiles, and export key metrics and business contacts to accelerate sales efforts.

Accountable Care Organizations
You not only need to understand the transition to value, you need to thrive in it. We maintain a premier ACO database tracking public and commercial ACOs, individual contracts, and ACO leaders, so you can understand the transforming value economy.

If you’re looking for a single source of truth for human-validated data on health systems, hospitals, physician groups, physicians, SNFs, and other providers, look no further. We aggregate provider data from public and priority sources, and link the providers to their market demographics, payers, and affiliated providers, while generating unique fields for analytic power users.

By linking payers with demographic and non-payer affiliates, we produce a clear vision of the shifting payer landscape, market by market. Tapping into years of payer consulting expertise, we select and transform data from claims, public, and proprietary sources, so you have a payer resource that you trust.